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Drive Green

annual carbon saving: 1.4 tonnes

"Green living and green driving go hand in hand as part of a modern sustainable lifestyle"


Transport is the largest source of pollution in the UK, accounting for around a quarter of all our carbon emissions. Driving electric is a brilliant way to bring these figures down because these vehicles emit zero greenhouse gases - they do not have exhaust systems nor do they burn anything to run. Although they tend to be more expensive to purchase, they become cost neutral within 4 years due to their low maintenance and running costs. 

Our amazing partners, Drive Green, are the only all electric car yard in the UK. Although based in Emborough in Somerset, their expertise, ethics and customer service mean people travel from as far as Scotland to purchase their electric vehicles from them. Drive Green value renewable energy, green technologies, and environmental conservation - their dealership has solar panels, a grass roof and compost toilets!



For Sustainabubbles guests, Drive Green are offering £100 off when you buy a car! They normally only offer sticker price, but with our voucher you can get £100 off, no haggling.

Download it here:

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