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Electric Bikes

EMU Bikes

Annual carbon saving: from 0.3 tonnes

Avoid traffic jams, save money on parking, and get unlimited miles of fresh air and exercise!


Sustainabubbles have chosen EMU bikes as our partners, as we love the look and feel of the bikes and the way they are designed to stay on the road with minimal maintenance. They have puncture proof tyres, incorporated lights and even charge your phone as you cycle!

Sustainabubbles guests get cycling accessories worth £120 for FREE with an e-bike purchase!

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Simply add to your basket:

Emu cycling gloves

Waterproof cycling jacket - yellow

Waterproof cycling trousers - black 

And add our discount code EMUSSB to get them for free with your bike purchase!

You can order  bike with EMU online- they deliver direct to your home. If you change your mind you can return the bike within two weeks for a £50 delivery fee.

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