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Annual carbon saving: 1.5 tonnes

Heat pumps are like air conditioners that run in reverse -  they heat homes rather than cool them.

They use renewable heat from the air or ground and run on electricity rather than gas.


Most of us still use fossil fuels like gas or oil to heat our houses.  As heating our homes is a major component of the UK’s carbon emissions, the government is offering incentives to encourage people to switch to heat pumps instead.


The government Renewable Heat Incentive pays back up to 80% of a heat pump over seven years- and in addition a Green Homes Grant could pay £5000 of the purchase price. If you heat your homes with coal or oil, you will pay significantly less to do so with a heat pump, so will start saving money very quickly.

Our Partner company, Solarsense, are MCS accredited installers for both air and ground heat pumps, and offer Sustainabubbles guests a £50 discount on any installation.

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