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Our parties are fun, relaxed occasions - basically a good excuse to have a drink with your friends and make a positive impact on the planet.

On arrival you will be greeted with a glass of complimentary fizz, sat down to watch a short film, then have a chance to chat and work out the best way of making sure the future is in good shape for you and the kids who will be arriving there.


The Film

Planet Parties

Sustainabubbles parties start with a screening of an inspiring short film make by actor, filmmaker and environmentalist, Leonardo Di Caprio, which takes a look at where we are now, and offers a hopeful look at where we need to go next.

Now for the fun bit. Unless the prosecco has

taken hold, you might now be wondering how

global warming is going to affect you and what on

Earth you can do about it. The good news is your

Party Planner will be equipped with all the answers you need. From flood proofing your home to getting a water butt, you can talk through the best ways you can future proof your own home.

The Chat

More importantly, you can discuss how you can play

a part in stopping the damage happening in the first place. 

The discussion will be completely non-political, non-partisan and  non-judgemental. Mostly because no-one is in a position to judge - after all, your party planner probably didn't levitate to the event. We are all part of the problem, but we can all become part of the solution. The parties are to make that easy.

sustainability parties

Knowing how to make a change is fantastic, but sadly

it's not quite the same as actually doing anything. As

well as providing information about what actions make

a difference, our parties are a space where people can

take the first steps to putting those actions in place with no

pressure whatsoever. A kind of speed dating between our guests and the solutions to global warming. Our 'Carbon Coaches' will come equipped with details of local firms and products, from solar panel installers to local veg box suppliers,  from electric car retailers to green energy companies-  all to make it as easy as possible for our guests to take the first steps to a future we will want to turn up for.  

environmental parties

Attending a party is just the start, and we will be there to

give you all the support and advice that you need as you

set out on your mission to the future you want. Even when you get lost and end up hijacked by the presentation that your boss should have been giving and waylaid by the quest for the rubber duck that got flushed down the loo, we will be available to make sure that you have as much input as you need to see your resolutions through. We will provide a forum that you can use to keep in touch with your `bubbly' friends, and will post news and updates.


As things change we will periodically release new films, which could mean... more parties

Environmental parties

The action

The morning after

Rome wasn't built in a day, and climate change won't be stopped in an evening. Even an awesomely fun one.

What to expect
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