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Did you know the government give interest-free loans for energy saving work in public buildings?

If you can make a difference by greening your home, imagine what a difference you can make by helping an entire school or college go green! In addition to helping the planet, these changes can cut energy costs, making more money available for important things- like teaching the kids!

The government give interest free loans for energy saving work in public buildings!

Our partners, Save Money Cut Carbon, will do a FREE detailed energy audit and produce a report with carefully calculated energy and cost saving recommendations. They will then help with the loan application and ensure that the work is carried out with reliable contractors and the best possible equipment is installed. They will ensure that any payback on the loan is lower than the cost of the energy saving - so the school both cuts its carbon emissions and saves money which can be used for schooling - rather than heating the sky! 

If you know of a school or public building which might like to save money and help the environment in this way- please let us know and we will get in contact. 

Please include in your email:

Referrer name

 Referrer email

 School/Business name

 Referrer relationship to school/Business 

 Contact at School/Business

 Email/phone number of contact

 I am/am not happy for Sustainabubbles to name you as the referrer

 I am/am not willing to talk further about this?

 Any other information.

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