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serious tissues

Plants a tree for every roll

Annual carbon saving: 0.13 tonnes

The average adult will use 384 trees worth of loo roll in their lifetime


Pristine forests are still being cut down to make loo roll.

How can we stop that happening?

It is possible to buy recycled loo roll, but much of it is made in China and shipped to UK, adding to emissions.

Bamboo loo roll doesn’t involve trees being cut down but is grown and shipped from Asia, often in forests which are not FSC certified or managed. Many of the loo rolls are also sold wrapped in plastic.

Enter... Serious tissue! 

It not only stops trees being cut down – for every roll sold, they plant a tree.

The trees are planted through partner schemes all over the world. The loo rolls are made in Blackburn UK from UK waste paper using just oxygen to bleach, so less chemicals are used. 


They use a carbon neutral supplier and they are carbon zero in production

even without the tree planting. In contrast normal toilet roll creates 1.2kg of carbon emissions per roll.  As we use on average 105 toilet rolls a year, switching to Serioustissue could save up to 0.13 tonnes carbon dioxide and plant 105 trees per person per year!


The founder is an award winning social entrpeneur called Cemal Ezel who founded ‘Change please’ which trained homeless people to be barristas in coffee carts around UK.


£30 for a box of £36 rolls

Similar to ‘Bumboo’ and cheaper than ‘Cheeky Panda’.

It’s not as cheap as supermarket recycled but plants 36 trees! 

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