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EndoTherm is an energy saving central heating additive independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills. It takes just 10-15 minutes to add it to the water in your radiators, and requires no on-going maintenance.


EndoTherm changes the nature of the water in your central heating system, so that it gives off more heat. This means radiators heat up quicker and stay hotter for longer, reducing the work the boiler needs to do to keep your home warm. 


Easily biodegradable and made from organic ingredients.

Endotherm Central Heating Additive

SKU: 217537123517253
  • EndoTherm is added to your central heating system by pouring it into the expansion tank (if you have one), or into a partially drained radiator. Full instructions included on the bottle.

    How many bottles to use - For homes and domestic situations: Less than 12 radiators: 1 bottle 12 to 25 Radiators: 2 bottles More than 25 radiators: 3 bottles

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