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The Ten Year Party Plan

OK- the scientists have given it to us straight. We have ten years to start acting like grown-ups (as opposed to screaming planetary toddlers) or we are in the soup. If we are unlucky we will be under the soup. if we’re not in the soup we’re getting quietly roasted, along with everything we were planning to eat for tea. Ever. There is good news though. Scientists have put together a plan, and all it needs is for us to put it into place. Working together, taking up the clean, cheap technology that we have developed, planting trees and changing our lifestyles in ways that makes us fitter, healthier and happier. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Here at Sustainabubbles, we think human ingenuity deserves a celebratory party, or two or three thousand. Sustainabubbles parties are sort of a speed dating between our guests and the solutions to climate change. Sound good? Support us and let’s get the party started!

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