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Is it OK to enjoy the heat?

A battle is raging over the BBC announcing that Britain is ‘Enjoying’ a heatwave. Critics point out that heatwaves are deadly (15,000 people died in the 2003 French heatwave) and should come with warnings, not fanfares. They also point out that any heatwave is likely to be a symptom of Earth’s dangerous human- induced fever so should be something to regard with concern, not delight. All valid and important points, but if we ARE enjoying the heat, is that OK? We have a long dark winter in this country, and when the sun comes out it feels like time to pack in ice-creams, and trips to the pool before the grey skies return. Although heat records should spur us to act on the climate, I also think we should soak up every delight that they offer. Our generation has to work out how to make life wonderful in ways which don’t involve polluting the planet. Basking in the sun on our doorstep is a wonderful carbon free way to celebrate being alive.

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