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Who are we

A not-for-profit ‘Party Plan’ company aiming to help people make their lives more sustainable- whilst drinking fizz with their friends!

Why do we exist? 


To look after our kids. Actually to look after ourselves too. Reducing pollution can save money, boost our health and feel really good. Especially when done whilst drinking Fizz.

Why a Party?  

Most people want to do the right thing, but it’s hard to know what that is, or to find the time to make changes. We have researched the most effective steps people can take to reduce their climate emissions, and partnered with fantastic companies who can help make that possible. At a Sustainabubbles party, each guest can easily reduce their carbon dioxide pollution by at least a tonne a year.

How does it work? 


Once you have offered to host a party, our consultants will contact you to arrange a suitable time and will provide you with details and invitations to give out to friends, family and neighbours.

What does the party involve? 


On the night our consultant will arrive with a FREE bottle of fizz (and possibly even some delicious local nibbles). When everyone is settled you will be shown a short film by an award winning filmmaker, play 'Emissions Bingo' then have time to discuss any actions you would like to take. You will also be offered discounts on products to help you achieve whatever you want. Many changes don’t involve purchasing anything- which is fantastic too! 

How are you funded?

Parties are free to host and attend. We are a Not-for-Profit (CIC) company, and are funded by referral fees from partner companies. Any profits go back into running more parties. 


Let’s Get that Party Started!!! - How do I book??

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Party Like there's A Tomorrow

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